The business card is a predominant design element of brand messaging and a reflection of corporate culture, as it is often the first branding message a client will see, and it builds a first impression about the company from the moment they hold it in their hands. Companies spend money on advertising, a logo, exhibit graphics, and networking, but does this corporate identity design extend to the business card? Think about business cards you have held, and what they conveyed to you about the company after you spoke to that particular representative of the company. Did you look at it again?  Did you show someone else, or even have it displayed on your desk? Did the colors of the card give a certain feel? Was there adequate information and a clear hierarchy? Is there a lot of information that you would never need? Perhaps there was printing on the opposite side. If so, was it informative and worthwhile? Did the card design portray a professional business and an organized branding message? Did the paper quality tell you anything about the company? Did the quality of the design match your feelings towards the company representative? Not only is it important to convey a clear cut branding message for current and potential clients, vendors, and visitors; but color should be a consideration as well, as research shows that, on average, prospects will hold on to a color card 10 times longer than a standard card. Each company has a different branding strategy, and their card should realistically reflect their company brand messaging and corporate culture through the effective design of their card. Just as important as the design is, so is handing them out. Each employee should have them (not just the sales people) because each card given out is an opportunity for sales. Statistics show your sales will increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 cards you hand out. The bottom line is first impressions say a lot. A first impression can make your business look younger, fresher, more professional, or conservative. These little mini-ads that your people give out will help clients to make up their minds about who you are and how well you do what you do. Therefore, it’s critical to invest in well-designed cards for your employees. As you look at these examples, which card communicates a better message?
Business Card DesignBusiness Card DesignBusiness Card DesignBusiness Card DesignBusiness Card DesignBusiness Card Design