Best practices for web development.

Web development is not just creating a site: it takes much more for a website to be fully developed. Web development has to take into consideration important factors in order to guarantee traffic and good profits. Layout of the site is one of the most important factors. It has to be created such that users will have easy time navigating through the site. The most common layout is one that has a header on the top, footer at the bottom, navigation to the left and the content box to the right. The navigation box is usually small compared to the content box. In most cases, the navigation is used as the menu while the header usually contains the title of the content being written. It is important to follow this guideline because most users are used to it. Deviating from this layout may be problematic to the users who may end up becoming frustrated.

Under whatever circumstance, the loading speed of the site should be fast to allow users to access the time fast enough. Some webmasters would prefer to have a site that does not have images, graphics and tables to ensure that the loading speeds are up to standard. However, users are bored by such sites and you may end up losing a lot of traffic. It is important to use images and graphics because they make the site more appealing. Use of these elements increase the bandwidth of the site and may affect the loading speed of especially users with slow internet connections. To use images and ensure faster loading speeds at the same time, consider using cascading style sheets (CSS). These elements greatly reduce the file size of the images and graphics reducing the bandwidth thereby increasing the loading speeds of the site.

The content has to be up to standards. The colour of the content has to be visible to all people. Some people are colour blind while others have eye problems and they may have problems reading content with some colours. Colour used on the text and any other elements for example images should complement that of the background. In such a case, when the colour used in the background is bright, that of the text and images should be dark. This maintains the contrast required to improve readability by the users. The font used and the size of the font should be readable as well.

Organization of the content also matters a lot. If the content is just written without any page breaks, the user may have a hard time locating specific information. To avoid this, always ensure that the content has paragraphs. Paragraphs can be introduced with new ideas such that each paragraph has its own idea. Different titles including the subtitles should be denoted by the various heading types. The title of the content can be written with the H1 or H2 headings while the sub titles can written with H3 and H4 headings. H5 and H6 titles can also be used to distinguish between different ideas within the content.