10 Best Minor League Baseball Logos Play ball! 10. Durham Bulls The Durham Bulls logo makes my list if for no other reason than that the team was featured in the classic baseball film “Bull Durham.”  Of course, I like letter-based logos and the bull storming through the “D” is the icing on the cake. […]

Whether in print or on the Internet, design will always exist. If you’re a designer, type is a tool, just like color, your layout grid, or the photos and illustrations. If you’re a print buyer, you may also need to communicate your type preferences to the designers you work with, so it behooves you to

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Websites are the gateway to get exposure for any kind of business. It is connected with World Wide Web and is increasing the visibility of your products and services before the public. People now rely on internet for majority of their requirements. Developments in technology have changed the tastes and preferences of people. Now everyone

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Branding is the marriage of technology and art. Consider the Nike “Swoosh” symbol. It’s easily recognizable, it’s universally recognized (no text) and it’s simple. Very simple. The Swoosh was tested in focus groups and in test markets before it became one of the best-known branding symbols ever produced. From Mr. Clean to IBM’s Big Blue,

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