For a long time, it has been believed in the web development industry that planning the whole web development project so that the client knows and approves of exactly what you are going to offer them once the project is complete, keeps the client happy. After all, the budget is not likely to spin out of control and the deadline is adhered to. For a while, this kind of thinking kept the customers satisfied; at least for lack of a better option. While pre-planning every single detail before starting the project may have its benefits, it takes up sizeable portion of the budget in addition to taking the control away from the client as the project progresses. Agile web development is the new solution for the problems associated with pre-planning. Agile means lively and in agile web development, the whole project is split into smaller distinct milestones which have specific deadlines. The phases can be for example analysis, planning, design, coding, testing, launching and promoting. What is great about this project is the fact that the client is involved right from the very first stage of the development process. The client interacts with the developers giving them input and feedbacks which are put into practice by the developers. The resulting outcome is in line with the client’s expectation and it contains every single detail that the client would want to see on their site. Agile web development is thus highly focused on client satisfaction and it is no wonder it has taken the web development industry with a storm. Agile web development has various benefits over the traditional methods of web design. First of all, dividing the project into several phases elicits superior work and places emphasis on auditing and adapting. This is because the quality of the work done is cross checked at every stage to ensure that it is in line with what the client wants. This prevents a scenario where the completed project does not satisfy the client requiring a repeat which would not only waste time but also cost the client more money. With agile development, the application being developed goes through thorough and intensive testing giving a high quality and error free outcome. The division of the project into phases also ensures quick completion of the project. Agile web development also encourages client participation during the entire process. This ensures that the client’s unique requirements on the website are catered for. The client’s input is implemented every step of the way and the end product is more of what the client would want. In this method, the client retains control over what the developer is building. The changing requirements of the client are catered for, improving client satisfaction and ensuring they get the maximum return on investment. The communication gap is eliminated between the developer and the client and errors are corrected before too many resources have been used up. Suffice to say, agile web development provides a high quality tailored solution to the client fat a shorter period of time.