You’ve probably seen them in newspapers, magazines or other paper-based publications: two-dimensional bar codes, called quick response codes (QR codes). What are they? They have been described as paper-based hyperlinks, and this is a good description. You simply take a picture of a QR code with your smart phone, and you get redirected to a […]

Con consumidores que dependen cada vez más de Internet para tomar sus decisiones de compra, la inversión en el medio cobra importancia para las empresas. El 2010 está en la cuenta regresiva y las empresas ya piensan donde invertirán sus presupuestos el año próximo.Ante consumidores y potenciales compradores que utilizan cada vez más internet para

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Welcome to AD Concept’s Blog!  We hope you like our post! Our creative design team offers a depth of services tailored to achieve your marketing, budget and creative objectives. We are committed to creating work of the highest caliber while being flexible enough to accommodate your ever-changing needs. We will work with you to generate

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When you use the services that are offered by a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, you will be sure to have a thriving business. Since people are out there in the World Wide Web searching for information and products, then your online business will immensely grow when you employ the online marketing skills. When you get

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One of the most successful advertising campaigns of the past decade was the iconic PC vs. Mac series of ads. While the commercials skewered Windows for all of its shortcomings, Apple never appeared mean-spirited or unfair, because the company positioned itself as the “little guy” competing against the “big corporation.” Now, theAdFreak blog has collected

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