30 Creative Nonprofit Ad Designs

Finding ad inspiration is easy, but it can be more difficult to find inspiration for nonprofit advertisements.  Many popular online ad showcases do not include a “nonprofit” designation for browsing or searching, which means that on those sites you have to sift through seemingly endless pages of for-profit advertisements to find a few good nonprofit ads. Fortunately I stumbled on a few sites such as Osocio, a blog that features “the best of nonprofit advertising and marketing for social causes.” It’s a great place to start if you’re seeking creative inspiration for nonprofit ad design. Case in point: the following 30 creative nonprofit ad designs.

1.  National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy in France

This ad makes its point in the copy, which goes unread by too many. fight_for_literacy_bikini  

2.  World Wildlife Fund

This WWF ad forms a polar bear, shaped by the continents. WWF-We-Are-One-1.jpg (1400×933) - Google Chrome_2013-02-25_11-08-59  

3.  Endangered Wildlife Trust

How much of the world’s land is truly open to free-roaming animals? This ad tells a bleak story. endangered-wildlife-trust-map_thumb.jpg (468×242) - Google Chrome_2013-02-25_11-10-35  

4.  Soa Acao Solidarity

This clever campaign urges the public to donate books rather than throw them away, and features homeless fairy tale characters to make its point. so-acao-solidarity-movement-little-red-riding-hood-medium-61276_thumb  

5.  Stop The Violence

Anti-war sentiment expressed via  a tank made from bones. Stop the Violence - Bones Style - Osocio, The best of non-profit advertising and_2013-02-25_11-26-36  

6.  Red Cross

Red Cross used this design to promote blood drives to benefit Japan. japan_poster-04_4_thumb  

7.  Greenpeace

This set of creative door hangers educates individuals on specific rainforest issues. The rainforest is like a hotel room - Osocio, The best of non-profit advertising_2013-02-25_11-55-43  

8.  BikeNYC

This advertisement made it appear as though street paint was marketing bicycles as a preferred mode of transportation in New York City. bike-nyc-01_thumb  

9.  War Child

This advertisement makes the point that it’s easy to convince children that killing is a game. Child-soldier-Some-words-dont-belong-together-machine-gun_thumb  

10.  Greenpeace II

Another Greenpeace ad, this time  the relatively simple lends itself to powerful copy. Greenpeace_Banned_Billboard_thumb  

11.  People for Corporate Tax Cuts

This tongue-in-cheek campaign demonstrates the hardships people have to face in order to provide corporate tax cuts for rich banks. Picture_6_thumb  

12.  MLC Community Foundation

Children with cancer can find every aspect of life difficult; often the things we take for granted. Cancer-Affects-Everthing-CanTeen  

13.  Peace Factory

Israel and Iran would be popular vacation destinations for each other, if only they could keep the peace. tehran-telaviv_thumb  

14.  War Child II

Another War Child ad, this time promoting the idea that where childhood thrives, war does not. Warchild_thumb  

15.  Freedom From Torture

The anti-torture organization places these ads in newspapers to gain awareness for torture victims. Freedom-From-Torture-Torturer_thumb  

16.  The Royal Parks Foundation

The Royal Parks Foundation encouraged the public to enjoy the great outdoors with this ad, which asks readers to ponder whether their lives are more interesting than a squirrel’s. FINAL_LONG_COPY_ADVERT_TO_SEND)ammended.indd  

17.  Surfrider Foundation

The plastic-wrapped sushi demonstrates the dangers of dumping into the ocean. Nonprofit Ads, Posters & Infographics  surfrider ocean into you sushi.jpg - Goo_2013-02-25_12-43-17  

18.  IFAW

IFAW asks if we’ll allow endangered species to extinct, so that the only thing left of them are their names. Nonprofit Ads, Posters & Infographics  Via the International Fund for Animal We_2013-02-25_12-44-24  

19.  Greenfleet Australia

The human race should consider itself as part of the animal kingdom, not above it. 10ddb812290fccd9e917b37b0b4fd623.jpg (720×522) - Google Chrome_2013-02-25_12-45-55  

20.  Choose Health LA

This advertisement encourages the public to drink healthy beverages. 7e37db05a5af8f8960b0821330f6de55  

21.  Killed To Dress

A play on a well-known phrase creates meaning for this advertisement. sayno1  

22.  OndAzul

This Brazilian-based ad campaign relates how ruining the environment has drastic consequences. ondazul-ad-campaign-1e  

23.  Wildfires Burn More Than Trees

This ad promotes awareness of the fact that wildfires not only kill trees, but the animals that depend on them. Wildfires Burn More Than Trees – Volunteer Wildfire Services « Creative Advertis_2013-02-25_12-51-00  

24.  Shared Responsibility

Demonstrates how the victims of cocaine aren’t limited to its users. AD2_0  

25.  Earth Love Foundation

It’s time to save the earth, starting now. tumblr_m9fh1wUjES1rp9lbfo1_500  

26.  Amnesty International

Amnesty International protested the 2008 Olympics in Beijing due to China’s history of human rights violations. aistart  


UNICEF protested the recruitment of children as soldiers with this direct mailer. UNICEF_Toy-Soldiers.jpg (2000×1414) - Google Chrome_2013-02-25_12-55-16  

28.  The Nature Conservancy

This nonprofit demonstrated that it works to care for animals with this advertisement. nature-ad-4  

29.  Doctors Without Borders

This ad served as a recruitment for physicians to join Doctors Without Borders. Doctors-Without-Borders-1-o  

30.  Save The Children

The only place we want to see this image is in a museum. save-the-children-ad-series-thing-of-the-past-water-560x396